Paint Colour Consultation

What’s involved in a paint colour consult?

The consult involves a collaboration of your design, ideas and inspiration. They are many things that effect the way that we see colour when selecting a colour scheme We will discussed the area that you wish to paint You might be asked to supply samples of furniture or carpets etc and photos of the things that you have seen that inspire you. You will be asked what sort of things the area will be used for:

  • Preparation if required and what products to use
  • Discuss design ideas
  • Samples of colours
  • A full detail colour and design schedule
  • All tied up in folder
What does a colour consultant do?

For many people they are unfamiliar with the service of a colour consultant. I often get told that they didn’t know the service was available. Clients are always grateful that they found out that such a service is available. It’s a way of having an interior designer with paint and paint colour experience giving advice that will assist in the decision making process.

What’s involved Colour design service?

We organise a meeting at a time that is convenient where we take some time to discuss the plans you may have for your space. For example you may have a particular theme such as British Empire or Scandic that you may have sourced from photos from a magazine.

Let’s take a family room which that is open to the kitchen as an example. First I would get you to step me thought this space where we discuss what is staying and needs to be considered when producing a the colour scheme.
Let’s say the kitchen is staying then we might use that as staring point. We would consider the colour of the cabinetry and bench tops and tile. We might have to consider flooring and carpet tile. I might make suggestion for painting tiles etc. and what product would be required.

Why use a colour consultant with interior design experience

Anyone who has tried to pick a white from the colour wall at any hardware or paint store will know that it can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many whites with various under tones and using the wrong one can make a big difference to a space. Using a colour consultant with interior design experience has a huge advantage over the untrained. We can recognise why a colour may not look like it did in the store. We analyse what light is coming into a space and adjust the paint colour to either reflect the light or absorb it. Having the interior design element to the consultation means that you will get holistic approach to the space. This takes into consideration of all aspects of the room.

In home colour consultation

In home colour consultations are favoured because it is the best place to see how a colour will work in a space. It is very hard to judge many of the colours of the different areas like bench tops and flooring that need to be considered. We can work together to work through the all the areas that need to be taken into consideration.

On line colour consulting service

This might be an option if there a distance issue, time constraints or if you have Covid 19 concerns. One way is for you to hire a fan deck from your local paint store and the consultation would be conducted over the internet. You will be able to compare the colours on the fan deck to cabinetry, floors or furniture etc. while I look at my fan deck. This service will give you a guide to help you consider a few colours.

We can also produce a colour schedule when supplied samples of flooring, kitchen cabinets benches tiles and windows. This requires a short description on what you are hoping to achieve with this space.

What you get with your colour consult

A comprehensive itemised list is written up with what products and finishes are to be used and put together with heavy paper colour samples. These items are place a folder to for you to keep. You get peace of mind that you will have the confidence to start the work, with someone to call if you have any questions.

Our role is to inspire you, with colour options not over whelm you.


We appreciate hearing feedback from our clients. Below are a few testimonials from satisfied CONNECTING COLOUR clients.

I would recommend Kim Pavli without hesitation to anyone interested in achieving harmony with either their interior or exterior decor. Kim's approach is to attune herself with her client's style and lifestyle. Asking questions about the areas requiring a change as well as what one is trying to achieve. She then works through the colour options and presents various colour schemes to choose from whilst considering size of area, play of light and also taking in to consideration elements in a room that are not going to change. Kim listened to my ideas and y narrowing down the options to the colour family I was interested in we then found the perfect hue in that for our colour scheme. I am so pleased with the results and love the colours in my home both inside and out. They are just what I wanted and Kim was able to provide the exact shades that create harmony throughout. I am impressed with the level of Kim's professionalism combined with her down to earth style of giving decorating advice.

- Renee

Thanks Kim! I would like to let you know I love the wall colour you chose for us in our new home. It's warm and inviting and it is much appreciated.

- Rhonda

I had the pleasure of working with Ms Pavli on the renovations of my kitchen. She provided colour consulting assistance for all aspects of the kitchen and also selected paint colours for the kitchen and adjoining dining room, lounge room and hallway. During our involvement with Ms Pavli in regards to our renovations we found her extremely helpful and professional. She listened to our ideas and needs, skilfully melded competing and different ideas that my husband and I had, and produced an outcome we were delighted with. I would not hesitate in employing her skills again and have recommended her to others!

- Lynda

I just thought I would let you know that our house has been painted with the colours you suggested. It looks amazing! Thank you so much. For economical reasons we didn't go with the wallpaper around the fireplace but a whitewash effect instead and it all looks great! Thank you again!

- Sharon

The paintwork at our house is almost finished and we are absolutely thrilled with the colour choice. Thank you for your ongoing support in choosing the colours.

- Lisa